👋 Hey, I'm Florian ARGAUD

I'm currently working on :

I'm a 30-year-old French developer living in the Alps (Hautes-Alpes)! I love my place, so I'm only open to a fully remote position right now. I'm an O'clock alum 🎓 & self-taught who like to create web apps from scratch that solves technical problems to make the life of creators easier.
I usually work with NuxtJS (VueJS) and Node/EX/EJS/Mongo (JS), but I can also work with Firebase. Also, I'm an absolute fan of Golang and TailwindCSS . I speak & write in French, I have an advanced level in English (I can write in English and understand someone talking in English, but I have a heavy French accent)
Looking for a dev or simply want to talk about the last trending techs? Let's get in touch! 👇

My Projects :